30 years’ expertise in international Sourcing,
15 years’ presence in Portugal

New Destinations supports foreign companies and investors that are willing to set up or develop new business relationships in Portugal.

We are specialised in sourcing suppliers, industrial subcontracting, international contract negotiation, commercial prospection and market research.

New Destinations successfully drives your setting up project in Portugal with the support of a large French and English speaking expert-partners’ network and assist you in all the procedures and formalities, offering a turnkey solution for a peaceful professional and personal settlement.


Sophie Lança is a Sourcing professional with over 30 years of international experience in senior Sourcing and Risk Management positions. She worked in leading global companies such as Disneyland Paris, Hertz Car Rental, Crown Cork & Seal or Barclays Bank. She is used to manage multicultural and multilingual teams based in several countries.

Sophie Lança

Founder & General Manager

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Photo credit – Denis Erroyaux